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Energetic, lively and outgoing dogs, Papillon dog breeds are often referred to as the Butterfly Dog, and known as among the oldest toy breeds. Papillon Singapore descended from miniature Spaniel, which is one of the popular original toy breeds.

If you are looking into having this wonderful pet in your home, here are a few highlights of Papillon for sale that are worth knowing:

  • When it comes to their appearance, the ears of a Papillon are like the outspread wings of a butterfly. With a plumed tail and a long, flowing coat, Papillon dogs portray a unique beautiful grace.
  • Papillon dogs are alert and lively animals that are great at everything they try. They are actually one of the most famous toy breeds in obedience trials. They are natural retrievers, agile and they seem to fly over any obstacle course.
  • Papillons stand out at dog shows. It seems like these dogs know how to show off in front of the crowd with their butterfly ear erect, plumed tail waving and happy movements on the leash. They are also often used as great therapy dogs, and they have outstanding tracking skills. In addition, Papillons thrive on mental work and stimulation.
  • If you are looking for a good companion dog, Papillons may meet your requirements. They have been known as a valuable companion dog for many centuries, and it is something they do best. You can take them anywhere and even join you in the bathroom.

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Papillon Puppies Personality

Since Papillon puppies are very happy, outgoing and extremely active dogs, they take great enjoyment in exercise and play time. They may small in size, but they can actually walk long distances and seem not to have self-awareness of size limitations. Unlike other toy breeds, Papillons are calm dogs that are not prone to shyness or anxiety. Noted for their intelligence, Papillon dog breeds are among the most obedient and responsible of all the toy breeds.

Because they are small dogs, it means that they can live happily in an apartment. However, it is important to give them gentle and consistent training and play due to their active personality.

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“Papillons are extremely happy dogs and a great competitor in obedience and agility. In addition, these dogs are regarded as among the top 10 smartest dog breeds for most popular companion pets.”

Papillon Puppies Care

Papillons are indoor or housedogs, which means that they don’t thrive living outdoors. Mental stimulation is crucial for this vivacious breed, as well as active obedience tasks, training and daily leash walks. If you want to keep your dog happy and remain active, they will enjoy running in your yard. However, if you don’t have a yard where they can run wild, you may find them jumping on and off your furniture and tearing through the house. Papillon puppies are even described as mountain goats, so do not be surprised if you ever find them up on your kitchen table or some high spots in the house.

The Papillon has an average lifespan of twelve to fifteen years, and is vulnerable to some health issues, like dental problems, seizures and patellar luxation. Discuss with your vet to help you anticipate possible health problems your pet may deal with.

Adult Papillons need 2 to 3 twenty- to thirty-minute playtimes or walks each day. For a Papillon puppy, you can start with 2 to 3 ten- to fifteen-minutes walks per day and just gradually increase the distance and time. In general, whether a puppy or adult, your dog will let you know if he is tired by sitting or stopping.

papillons for sale Singapore
papillon puppies for sale
papilon puppies for sale Singapore
papillon puppies for sale

Papillon Puppies with Children and Other Pets

Papillons Singapore are generally a sociable and active dog, so it can be easy to assume that they would get along perfectly with children. While they are a perfect fit for families with children, but supervision with active or small children may be necessary, since they can easily be hurt during any rough play.

Papillon puppies also tend to be skittish with abrupt and loud noises and have a very low tolerance for commotion, so care and supervision must be considered when they are around children and other dogs such as morkie. They may also find high-energy households with children to be too overwhelming, which can cause them to become fearful, nervous and/or show behavioral issues. Extra care must also be considered when feeding them, so your Papillon puppy’s dining area should always be off limits.

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Papillon Puppies for sale Singapore

Overall, Papillon Singapore is a great dog to have at home. They are fun, energetic and lively, and can certainly bring happy ambience to your living space.

So, if you are ready to add this amazing dog breed as a new member of your family, buy a Papillon for sale now!