According to Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA), you need to fulfil a certain requirements to be qualified. PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY TO FIND OUT

[[[["field1","equal_to","16 and Above"],["field1","equal_to","Below 16"]],[["hide_fields","field1"],["show_fields","field42"]],"or"],[[["field42","equal_to","Yes"],["field42","equal_to","No"]],[["show_fields","field26"],["hide_fields","field42"]],"or"],[[["field26","equal_to","Yes"],["field26","equal_to","No, I rather play games"]],[["show_fields","field27"],["hide_fields","field26"]],"or"],[[["field27","equal_to","Yes"],["field27","equal_to","No, I always need to OT."]],[["show_fields","field28"],["hide_fields","field27"]],"or"],[[["field28","equal_to","Yes"],["field28","equal_to","No, I do not have spare cash"]],[["show_fields","field44,field47,field49"],["hide_fields","field28"]],"or"],[[["field44","equal_to","Cavalier King Charles Spaniel [Currently Unavailable]"],["field44","equal_to","Chihuahua [2000+]"],["field44","equal_to","Chow Chow [3000+]"],["field44","equal_to","Corgi [7000+]"],["field44","equal_to","Golden Retriever [4000+]"],["field44","equal_to","Jack Russell Terrier [Currently Unavailable]"],["field44","equal_to","Japanese Spitz [2000+]"],["field44","equal_to","Maltese [2000+]"],["field44","equal_to","Pomeranian [2800+]"],["field44","equal_to","Pug [2000+]"],["field44","equal_to","Schnauzer [Currently Unavailable]"],["field44","equal_to","Shih Tzu [Currently Unavailable]"],["field44","equal_to","Siberian Husky [Currently Unavailable]"],["field44","equal_to","Toy Poodle [2000+]"],["field44","equal_to","West Highland Terrier [Currently Unavailable]"],["field44",null,"Yorkshire Terrier [$3000+]"]],[["hide_fields","field44,field47,field49"],["show_fields","field50"]],"or"],[[["field50","equal_to","2000+"],["field50","equal_to","3000+"],["field50","equal_to","4000+"],["field50","equal_to","5000+"],["field50","equal_to","7000+"]],[["show_fields","field39,field29,field37,field18,field19,field24,field10,field43"],["hide_fields","field50"]],"or"]]
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Are you above 16 years old ?Singapore minimum age to get a puppy is 16.
Have you own a pet before ?Do you have experience in taking care of a pet.
Will you be willing to read up and gain experience
on how to take care and train your puppy
It's essential to equip yourself with necessary knowledge
in order to take care of your puppy well.
Do you have time to spare for your puppy.If your work schedule is too tight, you may
unintentionally neglect your puppy.
Are you able to set aside cash every month
to provide for your new family member
Your puppy will need food, supplies, visit to the vets, grooming, etc
What Puppy breed are you Interested In?
Please kindly consider other breed if your selected breed is currently unavailable
What Is Your Purchasing Capabilitypick one!
If you are interested to mingle with the puppy
first, do you prefer weekdays or weekend?
Dateof appointment
Timeof appointment
How do we address you?your full name
Want to bring home a new Puppy?
Other Personal Preferencesmore details
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Your Privacy is very Important to Us.

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