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British Bulldog Highlights

British bulldogs could be lazy and stubborn. A mature bulldog might not be extremely enthusiastic concerning going out for a walk, yet it is necessary that he is exercised each day to stay fit. A British bulldog cannot tolerate humidity and heat. If the dog is outdoors, you have to watch him or her for any overheating symptoms and then bring your pet inside right away when he or she begins to manifest distress.

Some people are putting kiddy play pools that are full of water inside the shaded location in which the bulldogs can lie in if the weather is hot and everybody is outdoors. A British bulldog is certainly a housedog and must not live outdoors all of the time. This breed of dog is delicate to cold weather and it is normal for them to snort, snore and wheeze. It is susceptible to sleep apnea. A British bull is well-known for experiencing flatulence. If the problem is quite excessive on the case of your pet then you should talk to a veterinarian about this.

This breed of dog has short noses, making it prone to different respiratory ailments. It can be with pinched nostrils which make it hard for the dog to breathe.Bulldog is a greedy eater and has the tendency to overeat when there is an opportunity. Since it gains weight easily, it can become obese quickly when you failed to monitor the food intake of your pet.

Due to the size of its front and head, a British bull has difficulty in giving birth. Mostly, caesarean section is needed to deliver British bull puppies. It is not advisable for the inexperienced breeders to attempt breeding this dog. Falling under the short-nosed category, a British bull has anesthesia sensitivity. Talking to a veterinarian is important before any surgery is made.

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British Bulldog Personality

A British bull is normally sweet and sociable, but it comes with the reputation for bravery that makes it a great watchdog. It is a lover and not a fighter. It is dignified instead of lively and comes with a nature that is kind but occasionally stubborn. It is also easygoing and friendly and can get along with everybody. The dog could be a slow learner yet when it knows something, he can get it for good. A bulldog tends to be barkers and normally, its appearance alone will be enough to drive away the intruders.

Temperament can be affected by different factors which involve training, heredity and socialization. British bull puppies with good temperaments are playful and curious and are eager to approach humans and be touched by them. Just the same with any other breeds of dogs, a British bull is in need of early socialization exposure to different individuals, sounds, sights and experiences while it is young. Socialization will help a lot in ensuring that your British bull puppies will grow up to be well-rounded ones.

British Bulldog Puppies Care

A British bulldog is inactive indoors and it does not require a huge deal of exercise though it has to be taken out for a walk each day to avoid weight gain. It is an indoor dog and prefers a very relaxed way of living. After around fifteen minutes of having fun and playing, it will take a nap.

This low to moderate level of energy makes this breed suitable for any kind of home, ranging from apartments to houses with yards. You can take your dog out for a short walk and that will be enough for him.

Since it has that pushed-in face, a British bull doesn’t do well in an extremely cold or hot weather. It breathes heavily if it feels hot and does not dissipate warmth well. It is especially prone to heatstroke. Give your dog a cool, air-conditioned environment and more fresh water.

A British bull is also not good in swimming. Its big head drags it straight down so if you have a spa, pool or a pond, get your dog protected from falling in.

“The British Bull is an indoor dog and prefers a very relaxed way of living. After around fifteen minutes of having fun and playing, it will take a nap. “

British Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Singapore

British Bull with Children and Other Pets

The amiable temperament of a British bull and its bulk makes a bulldog an exceptional companion for kids and other dogs such as biewer. A bull would put up with more from the child, though he should not have to and then will walk away when he becomes tired of getting tormented. Always teach kids how to touch and approach dogs & always supervise any interaction between the young kids and a dog to avoid any tail or ear pulling and biting to try to take your pet’s food away. No dog must be left unsupervised with kids.

British Bulldog Puppies Coat Color and Grooming

Your dog’s coat must be short, straight, smooth, glossy and fine textured. A British bull has a loose and soft skin especially on its head, shoulders and neck. The head is covered with too much wrinkles and two loose folds on the throat to form a dewlap.

A bulldog comes in different colors, red brindle, and some other brindles: fawn, solid red, solid white or fallow, yellow red or piebald. Solid black is not common and is not much admired. Brush the coat once every week using a firm bristle brush and wipe the dog’s face with a moist cloth each day and take care to clean the inner side of wrinkles. Make sure that you dry the inner of the wrinkles entirely after it has been washed.

Some people recommend wiping the wrinkles with the baby wipes which has aloe vera and lanolin. When the skin of your bulldog is irritated in of the wrinkles, ask your veterinarian to suggest the soothing ointment. After you have cleaned the wrinkles, wash the nose and then apply petroleum jelly to keep this soft and to prevent this from getting flaky and dry.

The British bull is the average shedder. When you could take the time for brushing him more than one time every week, it would help in reducing the amount of the hair that can get on your furniture and clothes. Other grooming needs involve nail care & dental hygiene. Trim the nails of your bull once or twice every month.

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