What Are the Services Offered by Pet Groomers in Singapore? Treat Your Pet Like Royalty

Oct 24, 2018 | Grooming

Owning a pet is a life fulfilling experience, we all want our pets to look beautiful and stylish and also to have the most attractive scent that will be the envy of most.

Grooming is very important to pet as they will ultimately influence the health of both their bodies, skin, and coat.

However, pet grooming and transportation is quite costly always be prepared to hurt your pocket a little, but it’s a small price to pay. In this post, we are going to highlight some of the essential services offered by pet groomers in Singapore so that the next time you want your little friend pampered you will know exactly what to ask for.


Pet grooming is one of the most popular services in Singapore.

Pet owners bring their dogs to be cleaned and pampered. Dog groomers offer standard grooming services that include:


Brushing service

Brushing prevents tangles formation matting which can be painful at times and can result to infections, it removes excess dirt and hair while at the same time spreading natural oil all over your pet’s coat keeping it beautiful and shiny.


bathing service

It’s an important grooming process which removes mats and dead hair fur and also improving the general appearance of the coat especially if its greasy or oily. Maintaining cleanliness and ensuring your pet stays germ-free

Cleaning eyes and ears

Eye cleaning service

It eliminates debris and wax residues on this parts as well as monitoring is there are any signs of infections.

Nail trimming

Nail trimming service

Most pets have sharp nails which if left untrimmed can cause injuries, professional groomers have the expertise to calm the dogs for easier examination of their paws and trimming.   

Most pet groomers offer extra additional services at an extra cost. These services include

  • Anal Gland Expression– this service is for dogs whose anal glands aren’t working properly
  • Hot Oil Treatment– especially for dogs with dry skin
  • Furminating– it removes 50% of hair than regular brushing
  • Tooth Brushing– special formulated paste are used which gives your pets fresh breath and also reducing the buildup of tarter
  • 15 Minute Massage Bath that relaxes your dog when bathing

Some of the benefits of pet grooming are:

  • Pet grooming will detect any external parasites that your pets have such as ticks and fleas
  • Your pets will begin getting used to being groomed, so it’s important to always important to start grooming at a young age
  • Regularly grooming your pet will ensure their safety and welfare is paramount ensuring they are comfortable and healthy
  • Pets are naturally active animals playing in the dirt is in their nature, grooming will eliminate the dirt, keeping them clean and fresh
  • Groomers are always expected to carry out a 7-point health check which entails checking their bottom, skin, ear, gums, eyes, nails and teeth to check on the current health of the pet, if there is any issue the health check will point it out so that the pet can be treated before it worsens.


Pet Hotel Service Singapore

Pet Hotel is a special service offered when pet owners are away either for business trips or holidays, and they cannot be able to travel with their pets.

Pet groomers have lodgings that maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene ensuring your pet is well taken care of especially during feeding and sleeping.

Pet hotels also provide personalized services such as dog walking, bathing your pet regularly as well as providing obedience training on how to interact with people and obey simple instructions. During pet’s stay, they are fed punctually with well-balanced and nutritious diets keeping them healthy.

There is also a personal stylist who sole is to clean, beautify and pamper your pet improving their general appearance free of grease or dirt.

Pet Hotel Service Singapore


Pet Sitting Service Singapore

Pet sitting offer daily care of your pets when owners are busy or working, pet sitting services have well-trained nannies who are trustworthy and reliable.

While you are away, pet nannies will follow your well laid out daily routine and also full cater for your pet’s unique behavior till you return

Having a pet nanny come to your home is beneficial to your pet due to the familiarity of its surrounding instead of taking them to a daytime shelter. Pet sitting is very convenient and will save you from incurring extra costs.


Pet Transportation Singapore

For those who are busy, groomers offer transportation service whether is picking up your pets from home to the salon and pet hotel or vice versa.

Pet transport is very efficient as it will save you precious time and money, all the kennels, catteries and cages have inbuilt camera proving you with a live feed so you can be able to monitor your pet during transit easily.

Pet Transportation Singapore


Pet Food Delivery Singapore

For those who are busy and don’t have the time to visit pet stores for supplies, you can easily place your order online of all the thing that your pet may need ranging from food, toys, cleaning, and toiletries.

Groomers will fill out your order and personally deliver all the products right at your doorstep, how cool is that? Talk about convenience at its best.


Mobile Pet Grooming Service Singapore

As a result of advanced technology, most groomers in Singapore have shifted to use mobile pet grooming services for those clients who are busy round the clock. Providing house call grooming services at the comfort of your home.

Mobile Pet Grooming service is very beneficial to your pet enabling them to be calm and compose due to the familiarity of their surrounding for easier and seamless grooming process.

It does not get any better than that!

Mobile Pet Grooming Service Singapore


Pet Cremation Service Singapore

Losing a pet is heartbreaking for the owners, during these hard time pet groomers will all the arrangements and preparation ensuring your loved one is peacefully sent off. The full package includes wake, transportation and cremation services, and video production. Cremation rates vary according to the weight of your pets.

Grooming Guide Video



Pets like human beings deserve all the best that life has to offer and pet groomers offer the perfect solution. They take care of all our pet problems and needs, providing both the owner and pet a helping hand by bringing them closer by ensuring they are both fully taken care of.

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