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West Highland Terrier

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West Highland Terrier Highlights

The West Highland Terrier can easily adapt in any type of living situation may it be an apartment or a landed estate. Eventhough they are bred as companion dogs, a Westie will be happy to stay at home while you’re at work.

The Westie is a social guy who gets along well with everyone including strangers. The breed is affectionate with children of all ages, gets along with other dogs and can even adapt to cats. The only pets that you should be watchful will be the small ones since the Westie has a very high prey instinct.

West Highland Terriers are high maintenance dogs, period. Like poodles, you will need professional help when it comes to grooming and trimming them.

Being intelligent and a quick learner, the Westie is a highly trainable dog and since he has an instinct to be always clean, house training a Westie is a walk in the park.

The Westie does not require much physical exercise, however, it will be best to take him out for a walk at least once a day. You do not need to worry though since these dogs have a very high endurance.

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West Highland Terrier Personality

Who can resist cuddle time with cute and adorable West Highland white terrier puppies? Especially when they look at you quizzically and cock their heads to the side? With their white fur, there is no problem snuggling with them on your white sheets! This means you can definitely have plenty of bonding time to shoo all your stresses away!

But let me give you four more reasons why you should get a West Highland terrier:

1. Temperament takes primary consideration when choosing a breed of dog you want to bring to your homes. This should also suit your needs.

For the West Highland white terrier, they are:

  • active
  • very friendly
  • have a lively nature
  • extremely Alert
  • super affectionate
  • very independent
  • courageous
  • independent
  • full of self-esteem
  • easygoing

West Highland Terrier Care

If you are looking for a pet that can stay with your family for a long time, the West Highland terrier is perfect for you. They can stay with you for 12 – 16 long years.

They can also adapt to apartment living. If it is also your first time to own a dog, the West Highland white terrier is a perfect fit for novice pet owners.

2. Next on the list of choosing a dog breed is the size. The West Highland terrier can fit into your small or large space.

They won’t have a problem adjusting. They are very easy to train and are very intelligent. They can stay happy at home while you work.

3. Most importantly, the needs of each family member have to be considered. The West Highland white terrier can go along well with other members of the family and with other pets. However, make sure that there is adult supervision around little kids.

They can adjust to different kinds of dog breeds, even cats, but it will be easier for them if they will be raised together rather than introduced later.

4. Getting a dog entails costs. It is very important to make a financial commitment before getting one.

They are also individuals who have needs such as:

  • food, treats, and bowls
  • grooming supplies
  • beddings
  • collar and leash
  • toys
  • health care
  • vaccinations
  • crates

The West Highland white terrier is easy to maintain because their coats are easy to trim. Their shedding is within the low range to even zero. They can also tolerate both hot and cold weather.

West Highland Terrier Puppies for Sale in Singapore

The West Highland terrier Singapore is a perfect companion. It is easy to maintain. It learns new tricks fairly quickly and can definitely adjust to any weather. So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and make a financial check so you can commit to getting a West Highland terrier for sale Singapore – today! Own one today!

Take those photos, because they definitely know how to work the camera. For sure, they can put smiles on your faces and make your hearts melt with their incredible cuteness.

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