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Bichon puppy is a small and cheerful dog breed that’s loved by many and with lots of love to give. Having fluffy white coats and black eyes, the Bichon puppies look almost like your child’s toy. Also, you don’t take a long time of realizing that Bichon dogs could be your most enthusiastic and happiest companion. With compact body, fluffy white hairs and baby-doll face, Bichon dogs are so appealing breeds whose look are enhanced by good-natured, perky disposition.

Most of the people call Bichon breeds “the white powder-puff “whose merry temperaments are evidence by their plumed tails carried over their back. Bichon also love going to different places. They would happily accompany people on runs, walks or a Sunday drive around town. For the first-time owner, Bichon is an excellent dog, as it easily gets along with other pets and love the people around. Most importantly, Bichon dogs could be trusted enough not to walk away. But, house trainings are notoriously tough for them.

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Bichon Puppies Personality

A playful and active type of dog, yet gentle, the bichon dogs don’t need much rooms to romp. They are suitable enough for an apartment living, as they are not well-known for howling. That is a genuine plus for the city dwellers.

If you are a first-time Bichon dog owner, you might love to have its house train before bringing your pet home as this process could be difficult, long and messy. It is very common in a Bichon dog to have separation anxiety, because they really love to be around with the people they live with, and if they were left alone for a very long time, they become anxious. That often results in crying, chewing, barking or even relieving itself at the house. A proper exercise and trainings could avoid some of those; however, Bichon dog is happier in home where they are not left alone.

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“Most of the people call Bichon breeds ‘the white powder-puff ‘ whose merry temperaments are evidence by their plumed tails carried over their back.”

Bichon Puppies with Children and Other Pets

The Bichon dogs are considered the great all-around pets that are very playful. They get along with some other pets, which make them generally considered as great with children. According to a survey, Bichon dogs ranked high in snapping with kids.

Bichon breed is little puff of personality, and they really love individuals of any ages. Also, they play well along with kids and are often a fun to be together. Bichon dogs are much easier living with, as they always bring a smile anywhere they go.

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Bichon Puppies for Sale in Singapore

Having a Bichon puppy is such a great opportunity, as they are very charming, kind and give lots of love to the owner. So, if you are among those individuals who are dreaming to have a Bichon breed, feel free to get in-touch with us, and get the chance to buy our Bichon puppies for sale.