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Corgi Highlights

A Corgi can adapt effortlessly to living in the country or the city. Their coats are weather-resistant and they do well in any climates.

They are exceptionally people-oriented and has a solid liking for children. They generally are great with different pets in the family, so long as they have been socialized with them.

They are very easy to groom, just keep up with the brushing and shedding will never be a problem. They are generally healthy, however, like all breeds, they are also prone to some health conditions. They also love to eat so carefully watch their food intake so they will not get obese.

Corgis are known to be happy, intelligent and loving. They are easy to train due to their intelligence, however, do not expect them to be very subservient.

Corgis were bred to be herding dogs. They are athletic and fast so they require exercise. However, they are still suitable for apartment living so long as they get the needed physical exercise each day.

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Corgi Personality

Welsh corgi puppies are small kinds of herding dogs, which are believed to have originated from Wales in Europe. In addition, there are two widely recognized breeds under Welsh corgi puppies – the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the cardigan Welsh corgi.

You may know that Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom owns a handful of these cute and adorable corgi puppies – both the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the cardigan Welsh corgi.

The Pembroke Welsh corgi and the cardigan Welsh corgi have distinct physical differences. The cardigan Welsh corgi is believed to be the larger of the two breeds, both in weight and in height. But regardless of these differences, the puppies’ overall cuteness remains unaffected. They stay the same lovable corgi puppies that they are.

These corgi puppies were historically used as herding dogs mostly for cattle. Over time, their cuteness and their adorable faces led them to be domesticated. Since then, they have been a favorite pet in households all over the world. There are now a number of corgi puppies for sale in Singapore.

Having known their historical background, corgi puppies are agile and very playful dogs. They run around and are certainly a joy to be with. Come to think of it, if corgi puppies are good enough for the queen, then there’s something about their appeal that make them so loved by their owners.

Corgi Care

Aside from being the queen’s favorite pets, corgi puppies’ have claimed to be famous being part of films like “Walt Disney’s Little Dog Lost”. They appeared in novels like “Corgiville Fair”, “The Great Corgiville Kidnapping”, and “Corgiville Christmas” authored by the renowned American illustrator, Tasha Tudor.

On top of their undeniable cuteness, corgi puppies are smart and highly-trainable dogs. Their dirt-repelling coats are easy to care of.

Corgi Puppies for Sale in Singapore

Corgi puppies are a loyal breed. They can live peacefully and harmoniously with other types of dogs and even with other types of animals. Corgi puppies can also be very good watch dogs. They bark a lot, yet they still stay adorable. They come in convenient sizes. Even if they run a lot, they don’t require a big space to do so. Corgi puppies also sit well with pretty much any type of weather, even the humidity of the tropics.

I have told you much about corgi puppies as ideal pets. Why not take my word for it? See for yourself why I say so.

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