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Bichon Puppies For Sale

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Bichon Highlights

Bichon puppy is a small and cheerful dog breed that’s loved by many and with lots of love to give. Having fluffy white coats and black eyes, the Bichon puppies look almost like your child’s toy.

Also, you don’t take a long time of realizing that Bichon dogs could be your most enthusiastic and happiest companion. With compact body, fluffy white hairs and baby-doll face, Bichon dogs are so appealing breeds whose look are enhanced by good-natured, perky disposition.

Most of the people call Bichon breeds “the white powder-puff “whose merry temperaments are evidence by their plumed tails carried over their back. 

Bichon also love going to different places. They would happily accompany people on runs, walks or a Sunday drive around town. For the first-time owner, Bichon is an excellent dog, as it easily gets along with other pets and love the people around.

Most importantly, Bichon dogs could be trusted enough not to walk away. But, house trainings are notoriously tough for them.

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BiCHON Personality

A playful and active type of dog, yet gentle, the bichon dogs don’t need much rooms to romp. They are suitable enough for an apartment living, as they are not well-known for howling. That is a genuine plus for the city dwellers.

If you are a first-time Bichon dog owner, you might love to have its house train before bringing your pet home as this process could be difficult, long and messy.

It is very common in a Bichon dog to have separation anxiety, because they really love to be around with the people they live with, and if they were left alone for a very long time, they become anxious.

That often results in crying, chewing, barking or even relieving itself at the house. A proper exercise and trainings could avoid some of those; however, Bichon dog is happier in home where they are not left alone.

Bichon Puppies Care

The Bichon breeds are high maintenance dogs that require a regular grooming & bathing. This powder-puff, white pup with its joyful, merry temperament has double coats which need to be cleaned, bathed and taken care of frequently per week, and not longer than per three weeks.

The bath frequency of Bichon dogs depends on the owner and the dog’s lifestyle. Maintenance and proper care of their coats set the foundation towards maintaining a healthy coat & skin.

Regular bath for your Bichon promotes coat growth. The dirty coats would tangle & mat much easier if compared to the clean coats. When their coats are dirty and break, the hair becomes rough, sticky and will eventually break down. That would lead to more damages of your pet’s coat.

So, keeping their coats healthy & clean is very important to maintain powder-puff looks of that double-coated dogs. Moreover, choosing the most appropriate product for your Bichon dog and using it correctly is important to keep the coats, that is the breed’s hallmark. Properly cared to the coats of your pet contribute to their glamour every step. Maintaining their coats mat free, conditioned and clean is the best key to beautiful coats of your Bichon pet.

The most essential thing where you’re bathing your Bichon pet is be thorough. Also, sink your finger deep into their coats while messaging shampoo to their coats. Aside from taking care of your Bichon breed in their physical appearance, it is also very important to provide them the right foods needed by their bodies.

Feed your dog the highest-quality type of dog foods twice per day. A full-grown bichon dog range between seven and twelve pounds, which means that it generally doesn’t require big amounts of food.

Another important way of taking care of your Bichon dog is by spending some time to walk or play with every day. Even though they might appear like the dogs who rather watch & sit the actions rather than participating, they are types of dogs who are rough and love to play and stay active.

You can take your Bichon pet for his or her daily play & walk in-order-to release that energy, as the more they play, the more they burn calories, and less likely they become overweight.

Bichon Puppies for Sale in Singapore

Bichon Puppies Coat Color and Grooming

The Bichon dogs are like poodles when it comes in their powder-puff coats, that consist of silky; however, soft undercoat and curly outer coats. They are cream, gray, apricot, white & buff and white. The bichon dog’s length is somewhat lengthier than their heights. Their tails are carried over their back, and bichons have their drop ears and heads which are proportioned enough to their body.

In terms of the nose of Bichon dog, it is pronounced & black. The Bichon dogs both male and female stand only under twelve inches. Also, weight from 7 to twelve pounds. Having a white coat, Bichon breed does require significant time in terms of their coat care. It needs bathing, grooming, and trimming regularly.

Bichon dog is one of some breeds that recommended for individuals who are dealing with their allergies, but want dogs. However, beware. Those individuals with mild allergy might have few allergy issues with the bichon dogs if compared to other dogs. However, there’s no guarantee. Consult with an allergist, then spend some time with adult bichon breed before you finally decide to stay with one.

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