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Chow Chow Highlights

A Chow Chow can adapt well to a variety of homes, from palaces to apartments. However, they should always live indoors and not stuck out in a backyard or kennel. They have low tolerance towards heat, so keep them indoors when the weather is hot.

Chow Chows tend to mind their own business and do not usually start trouble. Chows are not really fond of being hugged or fussed over, but they’ll be a quiet, attentive companion to their favorite person, and this loyalty extends to other family members. Also, they are totally suspicious to strangers making them an excellent watchdog.

Chow Chows need to be brushed two or three times a week in order to keep their coat in good condition and to keep loose hairs from furniture and clothes. They are also very heavy seasonal shedders.

Chow Chows are easily housetrained, however, crate training is highly recommended. Crates make housetraining easier and keep your Chow Chow from chewing things while you’re not at home. They are more than capable of learning anything you can teach and a verbal correction is usually all that’s needed to discipline them.

A Chow Chow is a homebody who is aloof, reserved and not prone to wandering. Not being agile and also not a jogger, a good 15 minute walk can constitute as good exercise for the breed. However, they are an excellent walking companion as their endurance is really excellent.

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Chow Chow Personality

The Chow chow originated from China where they called it Songshi Quan , translated as “puffy dog lion”. It is known to be a unique and the oldest breed of dogs that has evolved from wolves. Chow Chows are cute and cuddly. They can be more aloof than most dogs, but they are a unique breed to own.

1. Even Celebrities and famous personalities love them. Elvis Presley has a Chow Chow named Getlow. Sigmund Freud even owned a Chow Chow and named it Jo-Fi which he sometimes used to help him assess his patient’s mental state. Janet Jackson named hers Buckwheat while Martha Stewart owned several Chow Chows and one of them is named Genghis Khan. These Chow Chows are loved even by celebs for a reason. That alone is reliable marketing.

2. Great Adaptability. Chow Chow puppies do well with apartment living and are not that hard to take care of, especially with their ability to tolerate being alone. Other breeds are too demanding of attention. However, Chow Chow puppies can also enjoy play. They can mingle well and are highly trainable.

They can also tolerate cold and hot weather, which makes them more adaptable to weather changes. This is one thing less to worry about when transporting them to other places that have different climate systems.

3. Convenient Grooming. Despite the thick manes Chow Chows possess, they have less hair to shed. As such, you won’t have to clean the whole area for dog hair all the time. They are also easy to feed and they can gain a lot of pounds for a healthier body.

Chow Chow Care

4. Cuddly and Friendly. They are sweet and huggable dogs. They look like toy poodles and are warm and fuzzy to have as companions. Having Chow Chow puppies is the real deal. You’ll have a walking fluff around your home. You will also have a welcoming companion anywhere you go!

5. There are a lot of varieties and colors to choose from. The common types are the Red Chow Chows, Blue, Cream and Fawn Chow Chows. There is also the Panda Chow Chow that has become a hit in China. They have achieved the panda-like color and feature of the Chow Chow’s furs through careful grooming and coloring. No harmful chemicals were used to achieve this. There is also the Black Chow Chow, which is one of the available original colors of breed.

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Chow Chows look rather majestic. Did you know that Chow Chows in China were called “Tang Quan,” which translates as Dog of the Tang Empire, because of its features? It is believed to resemble the Foo dogs, which are the traditional stone guardians that can be found in Buddhist Temples.

What are the other Chow Chows available?

The original types of Chow Chows are Red, Blue, Black, Fawn, and Cream Chow Chows. But there are also the white chow chow, the Panda chow chow and even the miniature chow chow puppies for sale. There are various types of Chow Chow for sale Singapore. Come check them out.

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