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Standard poodle is a medium to large sized breed of dog. When they are groomed properly, their body gives off a square appeal. It is also about at similar length as the height of withers. Their skull is moderately rounded, having a slight yet very definite stop. They also have a straight and long muzzle. Their oval-shaped and dark eyes are a bit different from those brown or black. They are really a must-have dog.

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Few Things You Should Know About Standard Poodle 

  • If you are going to spoil your standard poodle without giving them proper training, they would likely conclude that they are an alpha of the dog’s family. This is very common especially when it comes to standard poodle that is considered to be untrained and coddled. Hence, as early as possible, you need to teach your standard poodle puppy at a very young age with good and positive canine manners. Try to insist of letting them use what you are teaching them to show them that you’re the best leader they should follow.
  • Due to the playful and intelligent nature of standard poodle, it is always necessary to let them undergo obedience training. This is very essential to keep their mind active at all times. Poodle that that learns and thinks will never be bored which is why, they will never find for some destructive ways of occupying themselves.
  • Coat of the poodle needs huge amount of upkeep to let it stay healthy and beautiful. This is the reason why most of the time; owners of this kind of dog seek the assistance of professional groomers every six or three weeks. Well, if you also wanted to save huge amount of money, then you can learn how to groom your pet by yourself. Learning how to groom your standard poodle takes effort and time.
  • Standard poodles have those weepy eyes that can stain their surrounding hair. For you to cut down these stains, you need to wipe down their face in a gentle manner using an alcohol free type of pet wipe or washcloth which is completely dipped in the warm water.

Standard Poodle with Children and Other Pets

Standard poodles are known to be wonderful companion of kids despite of the fact that they don’t know how to handle such kind of pets properly. The same as other dog breed, you also need to teach your kids on how to touch and approach this kind of dog. You also need to supervise your kids with all the interactions that they are going to do to prevent tail or ear pulling, biting and all other accidents.

You also need to teach your kids never to approach standard poodle while they are eating or sleeping. No matter how friendly your dog is, you should never leave your kids unsupervised.

standard poodle puppies for sale

Standard Poodle Personality

Loyal, mischievous, loving and intelligent are four words that best describe the personality of standard poodle. They are also known to be air of distinctions, which is a dignified type of attitude which can be very difficult to describe but can’t be easily spotted in dogs.

Despite the regal appearance of standard poodle, it has also goofy streak and really loves to play. They are always active to whatever type of game. They are also fond of other people and eager to please. Combining these things with their legendary intelligence, you already have a highly trainable type of dog.

Standard poodle is also protective of their family and home especially if there are strangers that approach their house. They will definitely create sounds that warn the homeowner. Despite the fact that they are affectionate on their family, they can always take warm up to other people. One of the excellent personality traits of standard poodle is more on their intelligence. They have the same as the intelligence trait of a human. They learn quick – bad and good habits at the same time remember everything.

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“Owning a standard poodle is one of the most exciting and enjoying experience you could have. Its personality is really excellent.”

Standard Poodle Coat Colour and Grooming

Standard poodle is a non-shedding dog breed which is why they are an excellent choice for those people suffering from allergies. The coat of this dog comes in different colors such as black, silver, gray, brown and a lot more. Their hair is very dense, wiry and curly and this kind of unique texture can be clipped, trimmed, shaved, groomed and sometimes manipulated into different kinds of shapes.

Grooming of your poodle is not a faint in your heart. They are high-maintenance breed of dogs that requires for regular grooming processes. This is just to assure that their coat remained to be at its best condition. If you really consider having your own standard poodle, then you may take into consideration up keeping their coat and the expenses of grooming them. Part of the grooming process is to trim their nails, brush their teeth and a lot more.

Well, you can do the proper coat coloring and grooming by yourself if you really have the skills and knowledge on how to do it. If you don’t have the knowledge to do it, then you may seek a professional coat color and grooming service provider.

standard poodle puppies for sale singapore
standard poodle singapore
standard poodle for sale singapore
standard poodle puppies

Standard Poodle Puppies Care 

Standard poodle Singapore always do fine in any kind of home, from those apartments to different estates provided that they are given adequate human companionship and regular exercises. They also prefer to live indoors together with their family.

This is an intelligent breed of dog that can learn easily. As a dog owner, you need to be very careful. It is as simple to teach your dog with bad habit as to teach them with the good ones. Hence, if you are really new in taking good care of this kind of dog breed, you need to first undergo obedience class with the assistance of skilled trainers.

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Standard Poodle For Sale Singapore

Owning a standard poodle is one of the most exciting and enjoying experience you could have. Its personality is really excellent and you need not to acquire any difficulty in grooming and taking good care of your dog.

As far as standard poodle is concerned, you are assured that you will never regret having this breed of dog inside your house. You may check the standard poodle Singapore price here.