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Morkie Highlights

Maybe you are not yet familiar with Morkie, but this kind of dog is also a representative for public’s fascination about the designer dog breed, or the result of crossbreeding between the two purebred dogs with different breeds. Morkie is a product of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier crossbreeding. So, they are typically a fine-boned lap dog which is very suitable as a loving companion that they can provide.

What you will love about a Morkie Singapore is that it is the kind of dog that’s a perfect choice for a family. They can play well with the kids and works along for both active and not active person. They won’t need big yards to play with, because they are perfectly fine being walked around the park. That’s why this dog is a great pet that you will surely love.

Morkie puppies are more alike with the Yorkie while white puppies favor their Maltese parent. Since their parent’s ears are different, Morkie’s ears are upright, partially upright or drop- eard. Their tails are also quite short. They are typically small and weighs from four to five ounces on birth.

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Morkie Personality

1. Stubborn Breed

Buyers as well as owners have to know that Morkies are stubborn breeds. They wanted and like doing things on their own to let you know where to stand. They are a good dog, however they are sometimes difficult to manage especially to make listen at you.

2. They can live a long time

The approximate life span of a Morkie is from 10 up to 13 years. So, it is absolutely a long commitment for you and your Morkie pet. With that, you can’t just easily get this dog then all of a sudden you no longer wanted it.

3. They are small

As what it is discussed earlier, Morkie is a very small kind of dog. So, you will end up like having a puppy- dog in the long run of time. Some of them are not that big, but can also grow a bit larger if they are fed by an inappropriate diet.

4. They can easily get hurt

Since this breed is quite small, they can easily get hurt by some animals as well as by the children. While Markie can get along well with children, young and smaller ones might accidentally hurt it through rough playing. It is a dog where you need to keep an eye with when children are present.

5. They are not requiring too much exercise

If you are looking for a dog which can give you active activities, well this breed is not the right one for you. They won’t require you long walks, because they like having the shorter one. Markie will only need five minutes of moving around the blocks to ensure that they are getting the exercise and needs that they want.

6. They are animal friendly

If you are having other animals in your home, then glad to know that this dog is very good on that. They are a happy breed which can get along well with other pets such as dogs and cats. Even the grumpier and snobbish type, Morkies can still be so civil with them.


7. They eat a lot

Though they are very small in size, they are still considered as hungry breed. They wanted to eat all the time. But you still need to be very careful about the amount of food that you are giving to them, because it might cause issues like obesity.

8. They have common health issues

Most dogs are having breed health issues especially the smaller ones. Well, it doesn’t mean that your pet will be having illness; it just means that you may have certain issues about your dog. So, to make it sure you need to visit a vet to ensure that your dog is regularly being checked and you may caught health problems as soon as possible.

If you are planning to buy a Morkie puppy, you have to consider these ideas to help you decide it is the right pet for you. Morkie is absolutely a wonderful pet, so if you have decided to have a Morkie Singapore, we are here to help.

Morkie Care

Carefully handling is what you need when you have a Morkie. It is because their sizes are small and due to their delicate structures. They are also not an ideal companion for younger kids since they make an excellent barking if there is something that they think you should know. They must be provided with special care and have a standard vaccination.

Morkie is averagely easy to be trained. They will need patient and gentle person during their training sessions. Hard and harsh ways may cause them to shut down and bark. So, training sessions must always be fun and happy that is filled with excited praises and joyful rewards. With your positive techniques for training, Morkie can be your wonderful pet and student.

Morkie Puppies for Sale in Singapore

Morkie Puppies Coat Color and Grooming

Both of Morkie’s parent breeds are having long coats that continuously grow, but each breeds coat texture is different. Maltese breed has cotton- like textures while Yorkie has the silkier coat. So, whatever the type of Morkie’s coat is, it will still need regular bathing, brushing and trimming for keeping it in a god condition.

Morkie can also come up into variety of colors such as brown, white and shade of tan and black. Sometimes, darker puppies tend to become lighter as they grow up. This is just a natural case since they are inheriting appearance from two different parent’s breeds.

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