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Puppies for Sale Singapore

We are a pet shop Singapore that sells puppies. We are partners with the most experienced professional breeders and trainers in Singapore and the USA. These are responsible breeders who work for the love of dogs. We have hard-working personnel and the most complete facilities in Singapore. We can boast of the quality of our dogs and the quality of our services.

Get your Puppies Now

We welcome prospective buyers who want to visit our facilities and inspect our kennel. Just ask for an appointment, comply with some requirements, and follow some instructions. We do this to protect the health of our puppies.

Our buyers select their puppies carefully with our help and then they make a deposit to reserve a certain puppy for themselves. The first buyer to make a deposit gets to reserve the chosen puppy.

We are concerned about the new puppies’ transition from breeder to the new owner. We help the new owners with the necessary information, training requirements, and caring tips for their new pet. We want our puppies to go to the best homes as they were lovingly cared for and nurtured.

buy puppy Singapore
Feel free to contact us. Ask your questions about your new pet, and seek some advice on his training, food, and exercise regimen. We would be glad to prepare you for the new family member that you will be taking home with you. We want you to enjoy having a good pet and we want to be sure that your new pet will have a comfortable life with you.
“We want our puppies to go to the best homes as they were lovingly cared for and nurtured.”

If you are looking for a pet, buy puppy Singapore. Even if you have brought home the puppy, we will always be here for you. We would always be available to support you and your new pet.

Contact us through our phone number, our Facebook page, or log on to our website.