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Shiba Inu Highlights

Shiba Inu is a Japanese dog. It is one of the smallest dogs and it has been bred to become a hunting dog of the mountain regions. In Japan, it is considered as an important natural product. Shiba Inu has a bold spirited nature and he can be your watchdog or navigate the rugged terrain for you anytime.

Shiba Inu loves to walk hike and run with the family members. They know the art of escaping so you have to give them a secured fence and the doors should be locked. Shiba Inu easily gets attached to the human families. Here we have everything you should know about Shiba Inu before you make the decision of buying it.


  • Shiba Inu shed heavily twice a year but it needs minimal grooming
  • Training Shiba Inu can be very challenging. They are quick learners but they will do what they want. You might get frustrated in the beginning but once trained they become the best dogs
  • You have to give him a plenty of room to romp despite the small size.
  • Shiba Inu will chase the small animals if he considers them prey. They are not very friendly with other dogs
  • This Shiba Inu puppy is very possessive about their turf, toys, and food
  • You have to be very careful while buying Shiba Inu. If you want a healthy puppy never trust an irresponsible breeder.

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Shiba Inu Personality

Shiba Inu for sale is very good natured, bold and unaffected by the forthrightness. The dog will never ask you for more. However, depending on the mood Shiba Inu will want everything from the food on the table to your love and affection. It is important that you set the boundaries while it is still a puppy.

Shiba Inu will yodel if you are not able to serve him or time with your affection and his food. The dog has the acting skills. He can scream with happiness the moment you enter the house or when you do something cruel to the free spirit, like making him walk with a leash while it is still a puppy.

Shiba Inu puppies for sale might seem sweet and cute but it is important that you train them from the beginning so that they will learn what type of behavior is not acceptable in the society. You should train him not to growl at friends and other pets for its food, toys or other items. Ensure that he is not aggressive or shy because he can be.

Shiba Inu Care

Once you have the Shiba Inu puppy for sale Singapore, it is important that you pay special attention towards its health and care to keep it strong. Daily workout is very important for Shiba Inu and it can be a good run or walk in the park or the vigorous game in the backyard. The dog will be on its best behavior when you divide its time between inside and out. It can easily live in the cool and temperate climates.

Shiba Inu is a very healthy breed but there are a few genetic problems that he might suffer from. That is why you should be extra careful while buying the puppy. Some of the common genetic problems in Shiba Inu are patellar luxation, eye problems, and hip dysplasia. Allergies are also common in this puppy breed and due to the allergic inhalants the dog might suffer from itching. In case you notice any signs of redness, itching or hair loss, you must take the puppy to the vet. You should take proper care of the puppy in order to maintain a good health.

Shiba Inu Puppies for Sale in Singapore

Shiba Inu Coat Color and Grooming

The coat color of Shiba Inu puppies is golden brown and white. They have a double coat on their skin that keeps them protected in the harsh weather. The undercoat is thick and soft while the other coat is straight and stiff. You can easily take care of the coat because it does not require trimming but you should be prepared for the shedding time.

To remove dead hair and distribute the skin oil properly you should brush its coat weekly. In fall and spring season the coat will shed and there would be fur all around. If there are no bald patches, a warm bath with proper brushing will remove the excess hair and you can prevent your house from excessive fur.

The rest of grooming is very easy. You have to trim the nails per week. Properly brush the teeth with toothpaste recommended by the vet. Oral health is very important for the pet and always checks for the warm breath. Clean its ears with dampened cotton ball top avoid infections.

Shiba Inu with Children and Other Pets

Shiba Inu once trained are very affectionate towards the children. They will love your children like their own and they will do anything to protect them from the harm.

Regarding the other pets and dogs such as labrador, Shiba Inu puppy for sale is not very friendly. You have to train them and supervise them when there are other pets in your house. However, with proper training and care, they will become fond of the other pets until they stay away from their food and toys.

If you have planned to buy the Shiba Inu for sale Singapore it is important that you look for the reputable breeders. You should look for one that will allow you to test the Shiba Inu for sale. In this way, you will be able to select the best dog that meets your requirements and personality.

We have been dealing different puppy breeds. The Shiba Inu Singapore price is affordable so you will not have to disturb your budget. The puppies are brought up in excellent conditions . To view Shiba Inu Click the Button.

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