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Border Collie Highlights

Border collie is a medium sized dog, which has a well-balanced temperament. It displays agility and grace equally with stamina and substance. The dog is keenly intelligent and he will try his best to please his master and assure that everyone is happy with its presence.

Border Collie is known for the herding skills and even today, most of the people have them on their farms and livestock fields. Remember that they are the most energetic dogs that you will find in the dog community. Border collie is not for the people that have limited space and time. If you are planning to buy Border collie for sale here we have everything you need to know about the puppy.

The noise from the children when they play might stimulate the herding instinct of Border collie and he will start to bark, nudge and nip. It is important that you well socialize the Border collie, to prevent shyness. Border collie is not used to roaming but once he gets curious he can become an escape artist using its intelligence.

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Border Collie Personality

Border collie puppies are agility and Frisbee champions. They will act like the Olympic athletes when you give them any task. They accomplish it with perfection. You will be amazed to see the Border collie at work whether it is a game or fields. They are the best dogs for the ranchers and farmers because they love to deal with new and challenging tasks every day.

The Border collie Singapore is very sensitive towards the commands of his owner. He can hear even the subtlest command and will quickly obey. They dog has the ability to predict that what his master wants and will act on the job in advance.

Border collie is a workaholic and he is filled with physical and mental energy. It is important to give the puppy a proper platform to take out his energy. Otherwise, he might invest his own games and it will cause issues to live with such kind of a puppy.

A securely fenced yard is very important if you are planning to get a Border collie for sale Singapore. The puppy is so serious about herding that it can herd anything from cat to children and even the vehicles, so it is better that you keep the puppy in control.

Border Collie Care

Remember that the Border collie puppies for sale can easily live outside but they will prefer the warmth of the house and love of the family. The breed is not very comfortable in the apartments and you will have to give them outdoor access on regular basis.

Provide your Border collie enough mental and physical exercise so it will not turn out to be ill-mannered and frustrated. The Border collie can easily become tangled with dead hair so it is important that you brush the coat occasionally.

You will have to give your Border collie a task and to satisfy his quest for work you can take the puppy outside. It will prevent him from several skeletal deformities and other issues. Once it is with the family he might not care about what is outside. However, taking the dog on picnic and camping trip with you on regular basis with making him more attached with you and your family.

Border collie is keenly intelligent and he will try his best to please his master and assure that everyone is happy with its presence.

Border Collie Puppies for Sale in Singapore

Border Collie with Children and Other Pets
Once you will get your Border collie puppy for sale home, it is important that you teach them to socialize the first thing. The dog can easily get along with the children once they learn how to. However, you should keep them away from the young children due to their herding instincts. It might scare your child and the dog and it would be hard for them to get along. Border collie is perfect with the older children.

Border collie is very good with other dogs such as shetland sheepdog. Whether you are in a park or some guests brought their own dog, your Border collie will never create any issues. It will quickly get along with other dogs and soon they might start a party of their own.

However, Border collie is very shy towards other pets and especially strangers. If they will not socialize, Border collie might not be the friendly puppy that you want it to be.

Border Collie Coat Color and Grooming

Border collie puppy is available in two types of coats. They can have a smooth or rough coat. Both the varieties have double coats with thicker undercoat and a rough outer coat. The Border collie with rough coat has medium length hair on chest, legs and belly have feathering. Border collie with smooth coat has little feathering with short length hair and are more coarse to touch.

In the grooming part, this puppy breed is not high maintenance. They shed throughout the year and it becomes heavy during shedding season. To distribute the natural oils in the coat of Border collie and prevent mats from forming, weekly brushing is very important. It prevents your house from being accumulated with hair shed. If your Border collie puppy does not like to romp in mud, you will only have to give the bath when needed and it can be every few months.

In order to keep the dog healthy weekly brushing of teeth and cleaning the ear is very important. You should take your dog for the check up on regular basis.

You have to be very careful when you are planning to buy the Border collie puppy for sale Singapore. There are many irresponsible breeders that do not know how to take care of the puppy and you might bring an unhealthy or diseased dog.

We have been providing our clients with the best and healthiest breeds. The puppies get the same care you can give them at your home. Become a part of our cause. Order your Border collie today by contacting us at affordable puppy breed Singapore price.

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