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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel due to their size and generally quiet nature make them good candidates for apartment or condo living. They are moderately active indoors and does not require much activity. The Cavalier is eager to meet everyone who crosses his path, and if that person sits down and offers a lap (or a treat), so much the better. With this soft personality, Cavaliers can be great playmates for kids. Cavaliers are average shedders. They don’t need any special trimming therefore, they are fairly easy to maintain. You only have to comb or brush them three or four times a week and bathe them as necessary. One thing to watch is the feathered hair on the ears and legs which is prone to tangling, so check those areas regularly and just gently combed it out. Cavaliers are quite intelligent and willing to attempt whatever it is you’d like them to do. They have a delicate personality, so yelling at them is counterproductive and prone to send these sweeties into the sulks or into hiding. Instead, reward them every time you see them doing something you like. Your Cavalier will appreciate a daily walk or play in the yard and will tailor his activity level to your own. Walks on leash or a securely fenced yard are musts with this breed. They have no street smarts and will run right in front of a car if they catch sight of a bird or other interesting prey.

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Cavalier King Charles

Sweet tempered, gentle, and highly affectionate are the qualities that best describe a cavalier King Charles spaniel. Slightly smaller than the spaniel, it has silky coat with long hair. This sweet toy dog has its mouth turned up, which gives it a gleeful expression. The King Charles cavalier spaniel is a perfect lap dog, and it loves cuddling with its human friends. With its sweet temperament, this type of breed fits in a home with children. One more thing, it also gets along easily with other dogs. In fact, it is a perfect buddy for your resident furry babies.
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“If you are craving for long cuddles, soulful eyes, and someone who adores being with you all the time, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel is just what you are looking for.”
Cavalier dogs may suffer from minor health problems. Some major ones are mitral valve and neurological disease. If they have this disease, it can be seen at an early age. So when looking for cavalier King Charles puppies for sale, it is best to look for reputable breeders and sellers to avoid most of these health issues. If breeding guidelines aren’t adapted, this would also result in a shorter lifespan for these gentle souls.
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Cavalier King Charles Puppies for Sale in Singapore

Do look for cavalier King Charles spaniel Singapore sale or cavalier King Charles spaniel Singapore. If you are planning to give this ray of sunshine a home forever, be sure that it is free of genetic threatening diseases. If you are craving for long cuddles, soulful eyes, and someone who adores being with you all the time, the cavalier King Charles spaniel is just what you are looking for. So, why not fill up the attached contact form now so that you can have your cavalier King Charles any moment?