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The Labrador is probably one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet. The gentle and friendly nature of these dogs made them highly appreciated by people that wanted a loyal companion and by families that wanted a trustworthy playmate for their children. A breed that is not prone to aggressiveness, the Labrador is a rather active dog that loves playing, walking, and spending as much time as possible with his family.

Their fur helps them adapt to any kind of weather, these dogs being more than grateful if you can offer them a backyard where they can run. But they can also live happy in a smaller house or apartment, as long as they enjoy long walks on a daily basis. And if you make sure to socialize your Labrador with other dogs and animals since he is a puppy, your dog won’t have any troubles accepting other animals around. Just do have in mind that Labradors are retrievers, so they may display a particular attraction toward chasing birds and small animals, so you should be careful about this behavior when the dog is just a puppy. On the other hand, you could use this to teach your dog to retrieve things, like a ball, stick, toy, or anything else, the Labrador being a working dog that loves to please his master.

Just be aware that they are natural food beggars, loving to eat almost everything they get their mouth on. So, no matter how heartbreaking your dog’s puppy eyes are, you should avoid giving him too many treats or scraps from your table, because it may end up being an overweighed dog.

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Labrador Retriever Personalities

You won’t find a dog that is friendlier, nicer, and happier than the Labrador. Every adult and child love this dog breed due to their easy going nature. So if you are interested in finding Labrador puppies for sale, you came to the right place. Not only will you be able to find useful information about this breed, but you will also find a puppy for sale for the enjoyment of your family. Most certainly a Labrador will become a loving member of your family and a loyal companion.

If you are outgoing and active, it is worth knowing that the Labrador will be more than glad to join you in your adventures. It is a dog that won’t back down from anything because his major desire is to keep you happy. But, if you live in a small place, it is worth knowing that due to the rather high degree of energy a Labrador has, he may get into trouble. So make sure he enjoys plenty of exercising and playtime, to burn off his excess energy and be a calm dog at home.

Another highly appreciated trait of Labradors is their easiness to train. Even if you never trained a dog, by following some simple rules provided by a professional, you will be able to successfully train a Labrador. They are docile and obedient dogs by nature and training them will help them be good and behaved companions in every situation. If you consider the Labrador the ideal dog for you, just check out the Labrador puppies for sale in Singapore.

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“You won’t find a dog that is friendlier, nicer, and happier than the Labrador. Every adult and child love this dog breed due to their easy going nature. ”

Labrador Retriever Coat Color and Grooming

Labradors come in a variety of colors. The most popular coat color is golden yellow, followed by black. There are also the so-called “chocolate” Labradors, with coat color that may be golden brown or dark brown. The coat of a Labrador is short and sleek, so it will be very easy to take care of it. It won’t tangle so grooming won’t be an ordeal. Still, regular brushing of his coat is recommended, especially during shedding periods, to keep dust, dead hair, and other debris away from your dog’s coat.

Concerning bathing time, a bath at every two months will be more than enough to keep your Labrador clean. That unless he gets into the mud or becomes extra dirty, requiring an immediate bath. So, with such low maintenance, it’s only normal to want to look for Labrador puppies for sale.


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Labrador Retriever with Children and Other Pets

Labradors simply love children of all ages. This dog breed can easily turn into your child’s best friend, loving to play and run with the young ones, accompanying them wherever they may go. Just make sure you properly teach your child how to approach and touch a dog so you can help at creating a great bond between the kids and the Labrador. If you need an ideal dog for your children, do consider a Labrador puppy for sale, the playful and gentle nature of this dog making him more than suitable.

With other pets and animals, just like in the case of any other dog, for example labradoodle, it is important to get your Labrador used to them from an early age. So make sure your Labrador puppy encounters other dogs, cats, birds, and other animals as often as possible as a pup, and he will grow to be a tolerant dog.

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Labrador Retriever For Sale Singapore

Is the Labrador the ideal dog for you? If the Labrador meets all the requirements of the perfect dog for your lifestyle, then wait no longer and go get a Labrador puppy. It is a breed of dogs ideal for people that never owned a dog before because they are so easy to train and so easygoing. It is impossible not to succeed at growing a Labrador by simply following a few basic rules. And when you think that it is the best dog for a family with children, having a Labrador grow up together with your children may be the best thing that ever happened to them. So bring joy into the family and get that Labrador puppy everybody will adore.