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The Maltipoo appeared out of the desire of dog owners and lovers to benefit the nice traits of the Maltese and Poodle into one single dog. Thus, the Maltipoo is the ideal companion dog, perfect for living in an apartment, as it doesn’t require a lot of space, fun and affectionate, and great both with children and elders. Still, the small size of this dog should not fool you. The Maltipoo is an energetic dog that loves walking. So, if you live in an apartment, do make sure to walk your Maltipoo on a daily basis. They are also great watchdogs, alerting anything suspicious through barking, although not many people might like this particular trait. Educating your Maltipoo puppy to behave from an early age is necessary from this point of view. Because Maltipoos shed little in comparison with other dogs, they may be suitable for people with allergies. But, there is no such thing as a totally hypoallergenic dog, so there are still risks to have your allergy triggered even by a Maltipoo. The dog breed is extremely smart and very easy to train, so you won’t have any issues with this particular part. They are also very friendly dogs that get along with children and other animals without a problem. Still, due to their small size and fragile body, the Maltipoo should not be left alone with children under the age of 6, because the dog may get hurt. Their soft coat will need proper maintenance and, because the Maltipoo loves being around someone, might suffer from separation anxiety if left home alone for extended periods.

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Maltipoo Puppies Personality

Maltipoos can be considered a good choice for first-time or novice owners. They usually has no trace of aggressiveness in their nature, being friendly with anyone and anything they meet. They are jolly dogs that love walking and sitting next to you on the couch at the same time, as long as they are with you and not alone. They are also very affectionate, gentle, loving, and loyal, some of them being even needy, a sign of just how much this little dog can love his owner. A Maltipoo will absolutely adore curling up in your lap and getting a cuddle, but will also not refuse a good playtime or a long walk. They can break in the alarm if strangers approach your home, but they are unable to protect you due to their small stature. Even if these dogs are friendly by nature, it would be highly recommended for you to properly socialize your Maltipoo puppy starting at an early age. Allow the dog to meet other dogs and animals, people, be exposed to a variety of situations and sights so that you will enjoy a well-balanced companion later on. Also, because the Maltipoo is not yet an official breed, it is highly recommended to look for Maltipoo puppies for sale at reliable breeders, to make sure that your dog will be healthy and develops a pleasant personality.
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“Maltipoo is a favorite combination of the Maltese and Poodle, known for his fun-loving and affectionate nature. Active and lovely, he can fit into all types of homes and people: apartment or house, family with kids or older single.”

Maltipoo Puppies with Children and Other Pets

Maltipoos get along with children and other pets very well, although Maltipoos that are smaller should not be left alone in the company of children that are younger than 6 years old because there is the risk for the dog to get injured. You should teach your children to gently approach and touch a dog for the well-being of the dog and children alike. Concerning other animals, the Maltipoo will be very friendly, even if your dog never saw a particular animal before or had the chance to grow together with that animal.
maltipoos for sale Singapore
maltipoos puppies for sale Singapore
maltipoos for sale Singapore
maltipoos puppies for sale Singapore

Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in Singapore

Do you need a gentle and loving dog that is small and doesn’t shed a lot? Then the Maltipoo is a perfect choice. If you can handle daily grooming, moderate activity levels, and keeping your Maltipoo from barking too much, this dog will give you in return a lot of love and affection. You can find Maltipoos in Singapore, as these puppies are highly popular for their lovable aspect and nature. If this is the kind of dog you need, get your Maltipoo puppy and enjoy a loyal and fun companion for very many years to come.