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Biewer, also known as Biewer Yorkie, Biewer a la Pon pon or Biewer Terrier is a new toy terrier breed. Toy breeds do not require a whole lot of room to play and run. However, it is important to give Biewers a good regular walk in order to avoid becoming overweight. To learn more about this beautiful dog breed, take a closer look at its impressive characteristics.

IntelligenceBiewers are smart and not hard to train even for first-time owners. However, these dogs can also be quite mischievous, so do not really expect too much from these tiny creatures.

Fearlessthis dog breed is fearless and would never back down from a fight, so don’t belittle them for their size. Although they might seem timid and shake when startled, Biewers will absolutely bite. While they love children, they should still be taught not to startle these dogs, and a new dog should be introduced to them with caution.

Trainabilityterriers are naturally willful dogs and Biewers are not an exception. They can be trained, but they do it on their own phase, and when they realize the tricks get them attention, then they’ll be eager to learn more. When training a Biewer puppy, make sure you have a lot of positive reinforcements like treats.

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Biewer Puppies Personality

Biewer puppies may be small, but their personality is actually ten times larger their tiny body. Biewers are oblivious of their size, and they would attack any dog of any size when feel threatened. They are very energetic, rambunctious and lively. Just like the Yorkshire terrier breed, it is very loyal to its owner and family, but can be aggressive and aloof with strangers.


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“Biewer puppies are alert, affectionate, courageous, gently, loyal and playful. They can also be very protective and bark often.”

Biewer Puppies Care

Biewer puppies require daily exercise in order to work off their excess energy. If daily walks are not possible, an active daily playtime can fulfill their need for exercise. If they do not get the exercise they need, they are likely to develop some behavioral issues, such as chewing and digging.

When it comes to their nutrition and food, what you feed them is your choice, but it is always a good idea to work with a breeder or a veterinarian to determine the frequency of meals for Biewer puppies for sale and the best diet for adult dog to increase its longevity. Make sure that clean, fresh water is always available.

biewer for sale Singapore
biewer puppies for sale
biewer puppies for sale Singapore
biewer puppies for sale

Biewer Puppies with Children and Other Pets

Biewers puppies for sale Singapore are not really the best choice for families with young children and toddlers because these tiny creatures can be quite snappy when feel threatened in any way. However, if you have older children, then this is a great choice for you and the family.

These dog breeds are also known to be quite aggressive around other animals, including cats. It may not also be right to trust Biewers around other smaller animals. Keep in mind that Biewer puppies don’t have an idea how small they are, so they can also be aggressive towards other dogs, no matter what size. Therefore, appropriate care should be considered when taking them out in public places for a walk.

They can also be suspicious and wary on seeing any unfamiliar face at the beginning, but once they realize that the stranger is not a threat to the household, they will begin to warm up. Remember that inappropriate socialization may make these dogs a quite aggressive towards unfamiliar faces.

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Biewer Puppies for sale Singapore

Biewers are lively, energetic, playful and sweet dogs to have in the house. They can also be a wonderful companion for adults and elderly. If your kids are old enough to know how to deal with dogs, having Biewer puppies in the home can be a great idea.

If you’re looking for Biewer for Sale Singapore, you have come to the right place! Contact us for more information such as price and availability.


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